Brooklyn Springvalley: Squeeze Play

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“I love to shake my big tits and jiggle them,” says the amazing Brooklyn Springvalley. She’s living her dream instead of doing the nine-to-five job grind.

“I feel super-sexy all the time, no matter what I wear.” Super-sexy for Brooklyn in this scene is a red tube-top, a tight, short skirt and heels.

One of Brooklyn’s interests is cosplay. She calls herself a huge nerd. If she’s a nerd, she’s one of the hottest nerds we’ve ever seen. “I’m always doing new cosplays. So far my favorite has been a body paint of Ahsoka Tano [from Star Wars].”

“I wear tank tops when I’m bicycling. Otherwise, I wear something that emphasizes my breasts, unless I’m going someplace where that wouldn’t be appropriate. I wear fitted shirts or dresses, often low-cut.”