A Butt Toy For Miss Shannon Blue

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Shannon Blue says she has no special talents. SCORE disagrees with Shannon despite the risk of being beaten up by her tits. Shannon is busting out with many different talents. “Who needs a talent when you have large breasts?” asks Shannon. No debating about that. The lady does have a point.

From mature divorcee who super-sized her breasts to a full-fledged porn star, Shannon’s pulled out all the stops and expanded her horizons to include sex toys and porn-guy dicks. She radically changed her life and wants to go even bustier.

Shannon has a shiny butt plug and she sticks it up her bum in this scene. “I love anal sex,” Shannon said. “My ass is very tight and it is very good for both my lover and myself.”

Latex-lover Shannon gets off with mild BDSM, big toys, big cocks and loads of nipple play. She gets her fans off with her adult television call-in shows.